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Walter Eddings in the ICU, where he endured a 23 day stay as a result of the multiple health complications that he was born with

In December 2015, Walter Eddings’ mother, Felicia, was terminated from IBA Molecular a.k.a. Zevacor, a Nuclear Radiation Facility where she worked. She was 4 weeks pregnant and had just informed her employer of the pregnancy; a declaration that is mandated in the Nuclear Radiation field. She was terminated approximately one week after informing her employer of the pregnancy.

As a result of the termination, Felicia experienced obstacles in obtaining medical care from an OBGYN until the 5th month of her pregnancy. Her prenatal care options were limited by her termination, which left her struggling to pay for basic necessities and forced her to pay out of pocket for medical care.  Four months later, Walter was born with various health complications that ranged from cardiac to pulmonary and neurological. He endured a 23 day stay in the ICU.

Felicia strongly believes that, had she not been terminated, Walter would have had a higher chance of being born healthy. Felicia believes that, by terminating her employment, IBA Molecular / Zevacor limited not only her options as a mother, also but that of Walter’s as well. Walter was unborn at the time, but his ability to thrive was affected by his mother’s unemployment.

We support Felicia in this fight. We created Justice for Walter to support Felicia and other women who believe that they have been wrongly discriminated against during their pregnancy by employers. What happened to Walter’s mother could have happened to anyone. We ask that you share your thoughts and join us in this fight for justice, because Justice for Walter is Justice for YOU!


Klu Larsen, Campaign Manager

The Justice for Walter Team

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