The Facts: Walter Eddings Case

In 2015, Walter Eddings’ mother, a Nuclear Radiation Worker, was fired by IBA Molecular/Zevacor, approximately 7 days after declaring her pregnancy to her employer.

Here’s the facts:

  • In December of 2015, Walter Eddings’ mother, Felicia, was fired approximately 7 days after declaring her pregnancy to her employer, IBA Molecular/Zevacor. The Declaration of Pregnancy is Mandatory in the field of Nuclear Radiation
  • Felicia appealed the firing via a Legal Unemployment Proceeding in Spring of 2016 and won
  • IBA Molecular/Zevacor has yet to provide a justifiable reason for Felicia’s termination, almost 2 years later
  • Senator Oley Larsen (R) of North Dakota ┬áhas pledged his full support to the Justice for Walter Campaign
  • None of the following IBA Executives at the time could be reached for commentary in regards to their involvement in the firing of Walter Eddings’ mother:

Scott Chance, Vice President at IBA Molecular/Zevacor

Robbie Smith, Human Resources Director at IBA Molecular/Zevacor

Steve Strassle, Transportation Manager at Dynamex

Barbara Bolton, Administrative Coordinator

Walter’s mother is not alone. Numerous other organizations have alleged discrimination on the basis of both employment and Civil Rights again IBA Molecular/Zevacor. Sign the petition today to protest this termination.


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