Other IBA Molecular Discrimination Allegations

In 2015, Walter Eddings’ mother, a Nuclear Radiation Worker, was fired by IBA Molecular/Zevacor, approximately 7 days after declaring her pregnancy to her employer.

Walter Eddings mother, Felicia, is not the only one who has alleged discrimination on behalf of IBA Molecular/Zevacor. Nuclear medicine company IBA Molecular North America/Zevacor has been embroiled in a number of employment discrimination, civil rights, diversity and contractual breach court cases, a recent search of lawsuits reveals.

With an examination of federal, state and county court cases, IBA/Zevacor has established a pattern of litigation in which it either sued or was being sued. A recent case centers upon alleged pregnancy discrimination and slander against a staff pharmacist nearly a month after she was hired. Despite the efforts of the pharmacist’s attorneys for over two years, the case has not been brought to trial. Other organizations and individuals that have alleged discrimination include but are not limited to:

  • Ali L. Navqi vs. IBA Molecular, Illinois Health Sciences, et.a. – Employment Discrimination, Civil Rights
  • Parra vs. IBA Molecular – Employment Discrimination, Civil Rights


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