A Heartfelt THANK YOU to Senator Oley Larsen (R) of North Dakota!

IBA Molecular/Zevacor’s treatment of Walter’s mother is atrocious and an injustice to women everywhere. Female Nuclear Radiation workers deserve to be treated fairly.Senator Oley Larsen

Senator Oley Larsen (R) of North Dakota Supports the Justice For Walter campaign. Senator Larsen, a political veteran and champion of both women’s rights and family values has lended both his support and time to the JFW. Sgt. Steven Eddings, Walter’s father and 8 year Veteran of the United States Army, has issued the following statement in regards to Senator Larsen’s support:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Honorable Senator Oley Larsen
63 General Assembly
North Dakota Senate (3rd District)
11051 20th Avenue SE
Minot, ND 58701-2658


Dear Senator Larsen:

I am writing to thank you for helping champion my cause against pregnancy discrimination for my wife, Felicia, me, my baby son Walter and on behalf of other working mothers and fathers and their children.

As a resident of Kansas who does not live in your constituent state of North Dakota, I am deeply touched that you would support me, my family and friends as we launch and promote my Justice for Walter campaign and website. I truly appreciate it.

As you may know, Felicia and I were first inspired to start our crusade by her own experiences as a first-time mother who was terminated from her job as a pharmacist two years ago after she told her employer, the Kansas City and Chicago branches of IBA Molecular/Zevacor, she was pregnant.

As a result of her termination, my now-one-year-old son, Walter, could not receive the prenatal care he needed because my wife lost medical coverage when she was fired.

For the first five months of her pregnancy, she could not obtain medical exams to determine his medical status and hers.

Consequently, Walter was born with cardiac, pulmonary and neurological health complications. He was diagnosed with a heart condition and nerve damage.

Mainly due to a heart condition and nerve damage, he stayed for 23 days for treatment in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Aside from facing a parent’s worst nightmare of having a child whose life and health are endangered, Felicia was stricken with gestational diabetes and leukocytosis.

However, my son, Walter, has grown into a beautiful baby boy and is in sound health. Like many other infants and toddlers nationally he strives to live a normal life. Walter would not have had to undergo the ordeal of medical treatment for nearly a month had he received the medical care he needed.

Under federal and state law, had his mother been allowed to keep her job and her employer accommodated her, she would be able to obtain the health care little Walter and she needed for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

No mother or father should have to experience what we went through for a month. Because of this, with the help of my friends, we are launching a legal justice campaign for Walter — to make sure that other infants and toddlers don’t ever survive what he did.

Within a day of building our website Sept. 6, we have managed to obtain many signatures for our cause, both in person and online. Several Political and Human Rights organizations are also rallying to our mission.

As a U.S. Army serviceman, a first-time father, the son of an 8 year military veteran and the grandson of a 32-year veteran, my son would not have to do without.

Under federal law and as a matter of military policy, the Army provides more benefits and protection for parents and their children than civilian workplaces and Walter would have greatly benefitted.

I urge you to continue the progress you are making in your legislative record to support pregnant women employees, mothers and fathers and their families.

Please keep up the impressive body of work you’ve begun to stand strong for unborn babies, infants, toddlers and children.

Warmest regards,

Steven “Rufus” Eddings,
U.S. Army Sergeant, husband and father
Shawnee, Kansas

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